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Matching Pianos to Pianists

Are you looking for a piano for you or your child to start lessons?  If so, I strongly encourage you to get the best piano you can afford.  If keys stick, ivories are missing, and it sounds like you're playing three keys when you're touching only one, you won't want to practice.  You want a piano that you can't pass by without tickling the ivories.  Think of it this way--if your lawnmower takes 20 pulls to start, smokes, can be heard in the next county and has dull blades, will you want to mow the grass?  Of course not!  But if you have a mower that starts easily and is clean and quiet, and your lawn looks like a golf course when you're done, the grass won't grow fast enough for you!

Regrettably, I've seen it happen too many times:  a free or cheap piano was moved to the prospective student's home, only to find that it has serious problems and won't hold a tune unless expensive work is done first.  Tell me your budget, and  let me help you find a good piano that will provide you with years of enjoyment.


If you have found a piano you're considering purchasing, I recommend you have it inspected to ensure it will hold a tune prior to going to the trouble and expense of moving it.  If the piano is outside of my typical service area, I will provide you with the names and contact information of several tuners in that area for you to call for assistance.





  • If you're interested in selling your piano but aren't sure how much to ask for it, I can help you determine a price that will be fair to both you and the buyer.

  • I will complete an appraisal of the replacement value of your piano if you desire to add it as a separate item on your homeowner's policy.


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